Diocesan Liturgical Guidelines and Advice


Communion Rite Guidance

In the latter part of 2019 the Diocesan Liturgy Council hosted a series of gatherings that engaged in a process of ‘Listening and Dialogue’ about the new document Pastoral Guidance for the Celebration of the Communion Rite at Mass. The initial document has been revised in light of those conversations. The Second Edition, which replaces the previous version, is available here for download.

Holy Communion and Coeliac Disease or Gluten Intolerance

The Australian Catholic Bishops Commission for Liturgy has issued Guidelines on Ministry of Holy Communion for those Living with Coeliac Disease or Gluten Intolerance. Those living with Coeliac Disease or Gluten Intolerance can find information on how to obtain low gluten hosts here.

Pastoral Guidance for Confirmation

The promulgation of the revised Order of Confirmation provided an opportunity to prepare pastoral guidance and resources to assist parish sacramental teams in the preparation and celebration of the sacrament of confirmation.

The following resources are available.

DoMN Confirmation Guidelines document. Please note the appendices in this document have been updated and the current versions are found in the links below:

As indicated in the Guidelines, these are to be reviewed and feedback is always welcome: louise.gannon@mn.catholic.org.au or (02) 4979 1135.

There are two brief articles available at Liturgy Brisbane that may assist parish sacramental teams:  ‘Preparing Young People for Confirmation and First Communion’ and ‘Confirmation and First Communion Masses’.

Guidelines for the Order of Christian Funerals

(Posted 28 June 2019)

The existing Diocesan Funeral Guidelines, Celebrating Life and Death Togetherwere drafted as an interim document in 2002 when ‘Lay Funeral Ministers’ were first introduced in some parishes. At this stage, few parishes are aware of these interim guidelines.

Recent years have seen an increase in questions from parishes regarding the Funeral Rites as well as requests for some support, guidance or guidelines.  In response to these requests the Diocesan Liturgy Council (DLC) has established a Working Party to revise the 2002 guidelines. 

A Consultation and Discernment Process was developed to achieve this.  For an overview of this process click here.

A series of Reflective Dialogues was held in 2017 to hear from the Catholic community. Information on the nature of the Reflective Dialogue is available here

The project of revising guidelines is continuing.

Guidelines for Sunday Celebrations in Anticipation of Eucharist

The existing Diocesan Guidelines for Sunday Celebrations in Anticipation of Eucharist are to be reviewed.​

DLC "Practice Notes"

The following Practice Notes are offered by the Diocesan Liturgy Council in response to questions raised regarding specific liturgical practices.