Liturgical Music


The Australian Pastoral Musicians Network provides an array of resources for parish musicians. Please visit the website of the Australian Pastoral Musicians Network.  All involved in music ministry are encouraged to join the network.

Music within Mass

Music Guidelines

Guidelines: Music Within the Mass prepared by the Wollongong Diocese provides an excellent overview of music in liturgy. The table outlining the priority for singing the various parts of the Mass is particularly informative. 

Psalm Responses

Blackbutt South Parish music ministry and office personnel have collated and notated all Sr Clare Tobin's psalm responses for Years A, B and C for easy insertion in parish bulletin or order of service booklet. Thanks are extended to Liz and Anna for keeping Sr Clare alive in our Sunday worship.

  • Year A psalm responses by Clare Tobin rsj - coming soon
  • Year B psalm responses by Clare Tobin rsj - PDF or Publisher version
  • Year C psalm responses by Clare Tobin rsj - PDF or Publisher version

Mass Settings

When the new Missal was published parishes throughout Australia were encouraged to learn the Mass of St Francis by Paul Taylor. Some parishes are looking for new Mass settings to add variety to the liturgical year. Generally parishes require a setting that is easy to play, has a good pitch, a simple key signature and basic choral parts. The following information may assist.

This special edition of Rite Notes from the Hobart Liturgy Office reviews some Australian Mass settings.

Mass settings continue to be published. Some of those used in parishes across our diocese include: