Diocesan Liturgy Council

Diocesan Liturgy Council


The full, conscious and active participation of the faithful in liturgy,
the source of the true Christian Spirit and all missionary endeavour 
[Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy (SC) a. 14, 10]


To be of service to the diocesan community by engaging in dialogue that promotes a passion for the spirit of the sacred liturgy and an understanding of its principles and practice such that the celebration of the liturgy is appropriate for the community who gathers. (SC a. 14, 17, 43-45)


  • Allen Brierley
  • Monique Crick
  • Fr Andrew Doohan
  • Fiona Duque
  • Uta France (Deputy Chair)
  • Louise Gannon rsj (Secretary) – Diocesan Co-ordinator of Liturgy
  • Anne Millard Daugherty
  • Gemma Spradbrow-Hunt (Associate Member)
  • Cathy White (Chair)
  • Ed Wright (Associate Member)

For further information about the council read the Diocesan Liturgy Council Statutes and Strategic Plan.

The council can be contacted by emailing liturgy@mn.catholic.org.au

The council meets on the second Wednesday of each month.