Liturgical Resources

Liturgy Resources

Local Resources

The following local resources are offered to support the community in developing its liturgical life.

Liturgical Ministry

The Archbishop's Office for Evangelisation in Melbourne offers a series of brochures on a range of liturgical ministries. Each brochure summarises the theological background, liturgical guidelines and pastoral notes on various aspects of the ministry. Parishes and schools may find these helpful.

LiturgyHelp is an internet subscription service authorised by the Catholic Church to publish official liturgical texts online. All parishes and Catholic schools now have a subscription.

Each parish is allocated 5 full usernames and 50 partial. This should be sufficient to provide for all liturgical ministers.  Additional full usernames can be purchased by the parish from LiturgyHelp.

LiturgyHelp is always updating information and resources. 

Australian Liturgy Journals

There are three excellent liturgy journals available in Australia.

The Mass

The Archdiocese of Brisbane has produced a series of short videos on the parts of the Mass.

The above videos, plus many more, are available at Liturgy Brisbane's Online Learning Page.

Holy Communion and Coeliac Disease or Gluten Intolerance

The Australian Catholic Bishops Commission for Liturgy issued the following information for:

In keeping with this information, responsibility for the provision of low gluten hosts rests with parishes. The Bishops Commission for Liturgy suggests that 'if you are looking for a supplier of low-gluten hosts, contact Tarrawarra Eucharistic Breads'.