Assemblies and Gatherings

Assemblies and Gatherings

Below is a list of events, assemblies and gatherings which have led to change and renewal within the Catholic Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle.

2023 Bishop Michael Kennedy installed as the ninth Bishop of the Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle  
2021 Death of Bishop Bill Wright  
2021 Diocesan Synod  
2015 - 2017 Bishop Bill and the Diocesan Pastoral Council held community meetings to engage with the wider diocesan community in seeking to listen to and promote action at both the local parish and diocesan level. Reports from these gatherings inform the ongoing direction of diocesan planning.  
2011 Appointment of Bishop William Wright as eighth Bishop of the Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle  
2011 Retirement of Bishop Michael Malone
2011 Deanery Gatherings – "What structures will help us to be a church on mission?"
2010 Diocesan Gathering - "Moving Forward Together"
2008-2010 Consultative Process on Stewardship Planning
2008 Establishment of Diocesan Stewardship Committee
2007-2008 Stewardship Forums
2008 Focus Group Meetings
2007 Diocesan Assembly - "It's Time to Celebrate"

Working Parties

  • Workers for the Harvest
  • Evangelisation
  • Faith Formation
  • Sacrament of Reconciliation
  • Assembly Representation
2004-2005 Diocesan Assembly - "Towards the Dawn"
2003-2004 Regional Assemblies in 10 Pastoral Regions of the diocese


2000 Diocesan Assembly to consider the "New Wine into Fresh Wineskins" document
Pastoral Planning Report
1998-1999 Inter-Parish Strategic Planning
1997 Diocesan Assembly - Review of the Diocesan Pastoral Plan and the Permanent Diaconate and "Preparing Parishes for Change" Consultations
1996 Discussion Paper - "Principles and Models for Re-structuring Parishes"
1995 Diocesan Assembly to discuss the Diocesan Policy on the Sacraments of Initiation
1995 Bishop Michael Malone becomes Bishop of Maitland-Newcastle
1995 Retirement of Bishop Leo Clarke
1995 Renaming of diocese to Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle, and transfer seat of diocese to Sacred Heart Cathedral, Hamilton
1992 Diocesan Pastoral Plan - First Diocesan Synod to involve lay and religious
Adopted first Diocesan Pastoral Plan


1988 Plan for alternative models of parish staffing
1985 Council of Priests initiated diocesan pastoral planning
1976 Consecration of Bishop Leo Clarke
1975 Death of Bishop John Toohey