Bishop's Office (Chancery)

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Bishop's Office

In keeping with Roman recommendations, our chancery comprises a number of officials named by the bishop. The chancery office includes all office bearers who directly assist the Bishop in his pastoral and administrative governance of the Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle. The Bishop's staff: The Bishop's Office (Chancery) handles all written documents used in the official government of the diocese. It is in the diocesan chancery that, under the direction of the bishop or his representative, all documents which concern the diocese are drawn up, copied, forwarded and a record kept of all official writings. In the United States, England and Australia there are usually, besides the Vicar General, a diocesan chancellor and a secretary who form part of the Chancery.

  • expedites canonical matters
  • collects and preserves diocesan records
  • assists parishes and priests as needed
  • maintains files on diocesan priests and parishes
  • has oversight of pastoral ministries and chaplaincies
  • has oversight of the diocesan finances
  • manages child protection policies
  • collects statistical information for the diocese
  • provides information on the Church or directs inquirers to appropriate sources and overseas to other diocesan offices
  • works in liaison with media and
  • manages IT aspects of diocesan life.