Faith Formation

Adult Faith Formation

We belong to a living Catholic Christian tradition, continually invited into a dynamic interaction between the gospel and the issues of our time. Every diocese and parish is called to resource communities and all the baptized to engage in learning across the life cycle.

Helpful adult learning is not ‘instructional’. It begins by taking life experience seriously, then offering a reflective lens into current sound scholarship about matters of faith – ideally enabling us to move forward in hope

All formation is mission-focussed. We share the responsibility to continue learning – both for our own personal growth in faith, and in order to be able to respond with others to the promptings of God’s Holy Spirit.

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Much diocesan Adult Faith Formation has been generously offered since 1993, in diverse forms, by the Sisters of St Joseph, from their Lochinvar Tenison Woods Education Centre.

Formally returned to the Diocese in 2017, the ministry of Adult Faith Formation henceforth retains and honours this founding spirit as:

TENISON WOODS EDUCATION COMMUNITY... Spirituality, Formation, Mission

An Adult Faith Formation Council coordinates and supports this ministry, recommending appropriate courses and responses.

Pastoral Ministries Formation & Education acts as secretariat to the Council, supporting its role. It is proactive in parish consultation, course management and provision of helpful events.

Contact Formation & Education to discuss parish formation requirements, course details, spirituality opportunities, scheduled events and speakers.