Diocesan Social Justice Council

Diocesan Social Justice Council

The Diocesan Social Justice Council aims to reach out to those who have been marginalised, discriminated against and impoverished.

Established in 1995, the Council assists diocesan and parish groups on social justice matters and practices when requested, and maintains communication with local, state and national justice and peace bodies. The Council also facilitates the preparation of diocesan responses to current justice issues, instigates dialogue with and investigates issues of concern to marginalised people or communities and parishes.

The Council is of service to the diocesan community by:

  • Calling upon Church and secular organisations to embrace a "preferential option for the poor"
  • Being an informed resource group in relation to social justice matters
  • Providing formation and education in relation to social justice matters
  • Communicating with parishes and regions
  • Dealing with the immediacy of social justice issues as they arise
  • Working in partnership with other churches and community organisations to advance issues of peace and justice
  • Participating in inter-council collaboration.



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