Leaving a Bequest to your parish or the diocese


Many Catholic diocesan and parish works currently helping those in need in the Hunter region are made possible by bequests.

Each of us finds different ways to make our mark on the world. One way of doing this is by making a bequest. A bequest is a gift left in a will. When you leave a bequest to the Church, you give a gift that lasts longer than your lifetime, a gift that will always be remembered.

Your Bequest provides support to:

  • Your Parish and its needs
  • The Diocese and its valuable programmes including:
    • Ministry
    • Chaplaincy
    • Faith Development
    • Social Justice
    • Priests and Seminarians

Please refer to the Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle Wills & Bequest Guide

Bequest booklet

Types of Bequests Help with Bequests

A gift in your Will towards the causes you care about, is a powerful way to ensure your values live on. 

CatholicCare partners with Safewill to offer people the opportunity to write a will for just $80. 

It takes as little as 20 minutes to complete, is reviewed by their affiliate law firm, Safewill Legal, and comes with a year of free and unlimited updates. 

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Writing a Will is an important step for individuals through many stages of life, so if this is right for you, 

join the thousands of Australians who have been able to write their own Will within the comfort of their 

own home, in just a few clicks. Even a gift of just 1% of your estate, or whatever you can afford after you’ve taken care of loved ones, can truly make a difference. 

If you need assistance setting up a Will, you can contact Safewill. Visit their website at www.safewill.com to find out more.



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