Today, Chaplaincy is a specialised ministry done by priests, deacons, religious or lay people. They are trained to provide care and support - personally, emotionally, physically, relationally and spiritually. They listen, providing a safe environment for people to share their concerns and feelings. They help people work through life's issues. They assist in times of crisis and difficulty. In short, wherever there is a need; there the Chaplain needs to be.

We refer to the outreach provided by Chaplains as Pastoral Care or Spiritual Care. Chaplains provide non-judgemental support to all, irrespective of their belief system, ethnicity or social position.

Chaplains are respectful of anyone they meet in the outreach they provide daily, no matter the meeting place. They provide a link between the church and the marketplace.

The Catholic Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle supports the following chaplaincies:

Aged Care

Pastoral care is provided to those in aged care facilities around the diocese. 

Calvary Residential Aged Care – St Joseph's Nursing Home, Sandgate

Calvary Retirement Community Cessnock

Catholic Health Care Services - Charles O'Neill Hostel Mayfield West, St John's Villa New Lambton


Sally-Anne Linde

(02) 4967 0656


Di Thompson

(02) 4993 9117


Dennis Carroll

0407 757 482




Armed Forces

Armed forces chaplains assist members of the defence forces, regardless of faith or denomination. They offer pastoral and spiritual care to men and women who face the rigours of service, including separation, relationship difficulties and the stress associated with training and combat. In Australia, chaplains undertake the same training as military personnel, and are often deployed.   



Deacon Lawrence Caelli

0412 447 830


Fr Stephan Sarazin

0407 780 507


Fr Gabriel Ezenwa

CatholicCare Social Services

Chaplaincy services are also offered to both staff and clients of CatholicCare's Social Services arm.

CatholicCare Social Services

Sr Kim Barnes rsj

50 Crebert St, Mayfield
(CatholicCare Head Office)

02 4979 1602


Hospital Chaplains provide pastoral and spiritual outreach to the patients, their families and staff of our hospital facilities. Their listening ear provides comfort for those who may be struggling with life issues during the difficulties of being unwell.

Calvary Mater Hospital

John Hunter Hospital

Maitland Hospital

Tony Hassett

(02) 4921 1211


Maria McDonald

(02) 4921 1211


Sr Mary O'Hearn rsm

(02) 4921 3000


Elizabeth Lennan

0429 264 204


(02) 4933 8918



Chaplains who work in the manufacturing sector provide spiritual capital in a workplace which can often be viewed as impersonal and product focused. These Chaplains serve the manufacturing community by listening, supporting and guiding the workers, especially when they are facing difficult issues. There are times in people's lives when they struggle with the meaning of life and Chaplains provide the place where searching is accepted and encouraged.


no chaplain currently


The Apostleship of the Sea chaplain cares for seafarers of all nationalities visiting Newcastle port. Port chaplains offer practical, pastoral and spiritual support by visiting ships, talking with and praying with seafarers, celebrating Mass and helping them to connect with their families whilst away from home.

Port (Apostleship of the Sea)

Bernadette Barry

(02) 4961 5007


To learn more about port chaplaincy, you can listen to an interview between Rick McCosker and ABC Radio's Paul Bevan below:



Prison Chaplains provide a ministry of healing, sustaining, guiding and reconciling to inmates and their families in times of crisis, illness, depression and death and to staff in often stressful situations.

Through worship and religious practice, theological understanding, meditation, devotional activity and discussion of scriptural themes, Chaplains can help inmates to become more at one with themselves, with others, and with God.

Cessnock Correctional Centre

Deacon Viane Perez

0437 795 233


Deacon Gerard McCarthy

0437 925 681




Sports chaplaincy is a developing ministry which provides a listening ear in an arena where people experience the highs and lows of participation. At a grassroots level, particularly school-based competitions, overzealous parents or highly competitive students can bring an unwelcome element, to a fun event, for which a chaplain can be on hand to assist in managing such situations.

The role of the chaplain whether working in the public domain or as part of the diocesan system can be an exciting one, as the role reaches out to the people. There’s stories of success, friendship but also struggle. Sports chaplains epitomise faith in action.


Helene O'Neill

0400 781 374


Educational Institutes

Catherine McAuley Catholic College, Medowie

Rev James Odoh


San Clemente High School, Mayfield

Rev James Odoh


University of Newcastle

The University of Newcastle operates a Multifaith Chaplaincy Department. The following chaplains work in this area:

Rev Deacon Greg Kerr

0412 691 227


Mary-Anne DeLuca

0409 077 373


Fr Camillus Nwahia

0469 829 125