Sacraments of Initiation

On March 19 in response to the COVID-19 lockdown, Bishop Bill wrote a Pastoral Letter to the Church. With the closure of churches and the suspension of the celebration of public liturgy he cancelled parish sacramental programs and the celebration of Confirmation and First Communion for the duration of 2020. He went on to note, "we shall observe a ‘fallow year’ with time to reflect on current practice and return to the sacramental journeys for our children in 2021". 

The Diocesan Liturgy Council and the Diocesan Liturgy Forum: Christian Initiation have prepared a ‘Sacraments of Initiation Fallow Year Reflection Resource’ document to support parishes in engaging in the fallow year reflection that Bishop Bill invited them to undertake. It contains the review of the Diocesan ‘Pastoral Guidance for the Preparation and Celebration of the Sacrament of Confirmation’ which was already scheduled for 2020.

For easy navigation, the page numbers in the Index function as links to take you directly to selected section. The ‘Introduction’ on page 5 explains the background and intent of the resource.

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Sacrament of Penance

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