Resources and information on Sacraments and the ministry of Christian Initiation.


The resource ‘Celebrants or consumers? It matters!’ invites you to reflect on your own experience of, and participation in, the celebration of eucharist. You might read it and reflect alone, or gather a group to engage in conversation about it. Each section invites you into a process of reflection based on the liturgical texts. The current copy is best used electronically because of the links to other resources. We will soon add a version that can be used as a printed copy.

The point of this resource is to expand the conversation about our participation in Mass, as far and wide as possible.


When Vatican Council II called for the restoration of the adult journey of Christian Initiation, it imagined that this rite (The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults [RCIA]) would sit at the heart of parish life as the hinge around which parish life and mission would turn. It was intended as the model for all initiation- children and adults. However, we all experience a gap between this vision and the reality of the ministry of Christian Initiation in our parishes. This has been exacerbated by COVID-19. There is a constant cry from parishes recognising that with both children and their families, and adults, Christian Initiation is not working as we would hope. The desire to form ‘lifelong missionary disciples’ is strong but often eludes us. Yet, we know how wonderful it is when it happens. 

The Christian Initiation Forum within this diocese has been working in this space since the visit of Nick Wagner and Diana Macalintal in October 2019. The Forum has been listening to parishes, to our support networks and exploring different approaches to the ministry of Christian Initiation. Over the last eighteen months, four parishes have indicated their readiness and desire to do things differently. In the latter half of 2022 members of these parishes engaged in conversation together with members of the Forum, some Diocesan Liturgy Council members and others. 

Through all this, the Forum has been discerning and sifting and has produced some resources to support the four parishes who are ready to reimagine the ministry of Christian Initiation through the lens of the RCIA. Each parish has its particular focus and will be accompanied by members of the Forum.

The resources are available to everyone and include:

Come and See: Reimagining the Ministry of Christian Initiation is the foundational resource to support parishes on their journey. Here you will find:
• The Come and See invitation and the four parishes who are participating (p 3)
• The purpose and outline of the document (p 4)
• The resources available to support parishes on their journey (p 5 ff). Some parishes may be interested in the ideas for reimagining the Christian Initiation of children and their families (p 15ff)

Practising Mystagogy - DOMN. Mystagogical Reflection is the central dynamic of the whole journey of Christian Initiation according to the vision of the RCIA. This document which has recently been expanded, provides a brief reflection on Mystagogical Reflection (p 1), Christian Initiation (p 2), a brief article (p 3) and the various processes for Mystagogical Reflection on different experiences of worship and life. Simple ways of introducing people to the process are found on p 4 - 5. 

Part II of the document, beginning on p 13, contains an introduction and resources for children. 

Mystagogical Reflection can be used with all seekers and members of the faithful.

Come and See Ministry Descriptions. The journey of reimagining outlined in Come and See is grounded in our core Catholic understanding that the ministry of Christian Initiation involves the whole parish. The descriptions outlined are meant to help parishes invite and support parishioners who are able to be actively involved. See also steps 2 and 7 in Come and See p 10-11. 

Go Make Disciples invites participants into a deep and thorough exploration of the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA). It takes seriously the call for all parishes to be evangelising and initiating communities. Experience has shown that this comprehensive exploration of, and reflection on, the rite is necessary if we are to successfully reimagine the ministry of Christian Initiation for both adults and children. Go Make Disciples is for all the faithful including new and experienced Christian Initiation Ministers and all interested parishioners. An overview of the formation is available on the diocesan website.

Sacraments of Initiation: A fallow year reflection resource was originally prepared for parishes during the COVID lockdowns. It remains a relevant and useful resource which is referenced throughout Come and See: Reimagining the ministry of Christian Initiation.

The whole process is transparent and the resources are available to everyone. Hopefully we will all learn from these four parishes and support them with our prayer. All these documents are ‘living documents’, constantly updated in response to our experience not only in these four parishes but across all parishes. It is recommended that parishes check the website regularly for updates.

For further information and support for your own reimagining please contact Fiona Duque or Louise Gannon rsj