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St John's Cathedral

Cathedral Street Precinct

St John's restoration Stage 2 of development

St John’s Restoration

Bishop Bill Wright

The completion of the restoration of St John’s and its dedication was a great occasion. It brought me personal joy and satisfaction to see this historically significant church, one of the earliest in the diocese, saved from deterioration and decay. I would like to extend my thanks to all the generous donors whose financial support helped us to complete the project.

The development of the broader Cathedral Place precinct is a work in progress and I look forward to its evolution over the coming months and years.

Bishop Bill Wright

Catholic Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle


Dedication of St John's

Dedication photos

Prior to restoration

Prior to restoration (2015) story and GALLERY: Dedication of St John's Chapel.

Stage 2 of Development

VIDEO: St John's precinct fly over

Video courtesy of Drone Media Australia.

The precinct project provides an opportunity for both the diocese and Maitland Council to bring forward the redevelopment of an under-utilised area and assets for the benefit of the broader community. This will provide Maitland with an additional historic, commercial and recreational destination.

“The original Cathedral, St John’s Church, was built with funds contributed by not only the Catholic community but many non-Catholic business owners who saw the construction of a grand Church as increasing the standing of the “town” and thus their business potential. Today we are revisiting the history of the precinct and transforming it into a modern and functional community space which will be of benefit to the wider community and provide an economic boost to Maitland, the Region and the State,” said Sean Scanlon, Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle Vice Chancellor, Administration.


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