Council of Priests

Council of Priests

The Council of Priests is a group of priests that advises the Bishop and assists him in the governance of the diocese. The Council represents all priests who are incardinated into or ministering in the diocese. It expresses the special relationship that exists, sacramentally and fraternally, between the bishop and his priests and is composed mostly of members elected by the priests with some ex officio members and possibly others nominated by the bishop. It is the primary source of counsel to the bishop on matters regarding the pastoral welfare of the diocese.


In addition to the council of priests, the bishop also has a group of Consultors. This smaller unit is similar to the council and provides a ready source of advice to the bishop in urgent matters, or where a smaller group is more appropriate.

The bishop is bound by Canon Law to confer with his Consultors regarding the stewardship of diocesan resources and other governance matters.


The Trustees of the Roman Catholic Church of the Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle is the body recognised in civil law as the owner of all property held by the diocese.


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