Passionist Family Group Movement (PFGM)

The Passionist Family Group Movement was founded by Fr Peter McGrath at St Anthony in the Fields, Terrey Hills Parish in 1972.

The Aims of the PFGM are for members to get to know other members of the Parish. They wish to support each other’s joys and sorrows and so build the Christian Community. They wish to involve their children in Christian sharing directly, if possible, if not then indirectly by their example. “Love one another as I have loved you.”

Groups gather once a month for an activity (eg. Lunch, picnic, BBQ, casserole night).

A Family Group is made up of people of all ages from babies to grandparents. Everyone is welcome to join. Single people/parents, married couples with or without children. Widows/widowers just like an extended family. The bonds that develop, the feelings of belonging create a sense of responsibility for one another.

It is great to put a name to the faces we see in church. It gives people confidence to attend parish functions knowing there will be others there from their Family Group to talk to.

Sadly, Fr Peter McGrath passed away, entered eternal life in March this year and Mary Ingham Director (Fr Peter’s right arm), has retired. A National team has been appointed by Fr Tom McDonough CP/Passionist Provincial to look after the PFGM.

For further information please contact John & Pauline McGrath Maitland/Newcastle PFGM Co-ordinators


Phone: (02) 4946 7460

PFGM Website: