The Christian Formation Course (CFC) is a face-to-face learning experience that allows participants to explore their life’s journey and their faith within the Catholic Tradition. This one-year course introduces participants to scripture, theology, church history, sacramental life and liturgy.

  • The Course runs across twelve (12) months and comprises eight (8) units
  • All who complete the Course are awarded a diocesan Certificate in Christian Formation


By engaging in the course it is hoped participants will:

  • explore their relationship with Jesus and feel the pull of discipleship
  • grow in their capacity to reflect on life’s journey in the light of Christian faith
  • become more confident in articulating their faith
  • realise that Christian faith is nurtured in community
  • experience together the power of God’s revelation in the sources of Christian Tradition
  • engage in forms of learning which affirm and deepen their baptismal call
  • be affirmed in their gifts for participating in the life of the faith community
  • grow in awareness of what it means to be a responsive member of the faith community

2024-2025 course

The next Christian Formation Course will be commence in July 2024.

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