GALLERY: Week 58 progress (19 September 2016)

  • Further replacement of stone around the base of the tower is ongoing and will do so for the coming weeks. Currently awaiting the arrival of the sandstone pinnacles before they are craned back into place.
  • Wall and floor tiling has commenced in the new toilet amenities.
  • The services are currently being installed in the proposed commercial kitchen/servery area and with the suspended ceiling now in place, the ceilings and walls will be sheeted next week.
  • The sandstone log retaining walls which run parallel with the levee bank are now in position, with the irrigation and other services installed.
  • The proposed levee bank garden beds are established and awaiting the arrival of the new plantings.
  • Set-out and establishment of pathways around the chapel and Bishop's house/convent is still ongoing.
  • The proposed steps to the Chapel / Bell Tower forecourt is in the process of being formed up ready for the concrete pour to occur.

Week 58 progress