GALLERY: Week 53 progress (15 August 2016)

  • The contracts for the construction of Stage 2 have been signed, forming the following scope of works. Landscaping between St John's Chapel and levee bank, new driveway from Cathedral Street with improved landscaping between Bishop's House and St John's Chapel, also the landscaping to the Bishop's front and back yard. Also proposed in Stage 2 works are the toilet amenities which will service the Chapel and the proposed kitchen fit-out of the existing rear building, which is attached to the Chapel.
  • Site preparation and trenching of services for the Stage 2 landscaping has commenced.
  • Excavation of the piers and footings for the proposed toilet amenities has now commenced. Services to be installed next week.
  • Demolition has commenced for the kitchen fit-out of the existing rear building. A new beam has been installed to account for the removal of existing internal walls, with the existing timber floor structure to be removed next week to increase the ceiling height.
  • The third and final application of render has been applied to the northern nave wall.
  • Replacement of the stone and the repointing to the bell tower is ongoing.
  • Proposed date for the removal of the remaining scaffolding around the bell tower has been confirmed for 29/8/16.
  • Significant crane lift is scheduled for next week. Approximately 40 stones to be craned to the bell tower parapet for the installation of the four pinnacle bases. The pinnacles are now proposed to be installed once the scaffolding has been removed to avoid potential damage.

Week 53 progress