GALLERY: Week 26 progress (8 February 2016)

  • The upper sill course for the northern and southern Nave, has now been completed along the entire length of the facade. Preparation of the splayed buttress courses are currently being tooled, ready for installation.
  • The scaffolding around Ancillary Building 'A' is proposed to be removed on the 22/2/16, with the intent to provide improved access for the stonemason to apply the larger buttress stones by a small crane. Once the proposed works are completed around the Nave the scaffolding will be removed exposing the new facade. It is anticipated to have the Nave scaffolding removed on the 2/3/16.
  • Australian Slate have now completed the flashing over the western gable end parapet wall.
  • Preparation for the stone removal in the bell tower will commence next week.
  • With the balcony floor tiles now completed, the glass balustrade for Ancillary Building 'A' will be installed on Thursday of next week.

Week 26 progress