GALLERY: Week 15 progress (23 November 2015)

  • The strengthening of the Bell Tower with structural steel and chemical anchoring has now been completed and certified by the structural engineer.
  • The eastern gable end to the Cathedral has now been completed with cedar cladding.
  • The removal of the pinnacles from the tower and nave has been carried out. During this process the unveiling of some structural implications have occurred and inspected by our structural engineer and heritage architect. A design solution is currently be examined. This concern has delayed the slate roof from being completed.
  • The arrival of the sandstone blocks have been delivered to site. Install will commence 30.11.2015 to the south east corner of the nave.
  • The external upgrades to Ancillary Building'A' which is proposed to be fitted out with a commercial kitchen, is well into the transformation. The new timber truss roof has been installed and sheeted. The applied cement render which is now in the curing stages awaiting painting, has been finished off.

Week 15 progress