Statement from Bishop Bill Wright on Sydney hostage situation

As we began our day today, we were greeted with the news that while the hostage situation in Sydney's Martin Place has been resolved early this morning, sadly two innocent people have lost their lives. Two families are missing their brother, sister, son, daughter, father or mother and it is the families and friends of these two people who I ask everyone to keep in their thoughts and prayers today.


It seems the actions of yesterday were that of a single man acting on his personal beliefs. I stand beside my Muslim brothers and sisters in the condemnation of this criminal act and I call on all fair-minded people to refrain from blaming any person or group for what is a criminal act by one person.


As we as Australians and people of faith digest this news today, it's important for us to come together as one to see calm, peace and unity prevail throughout the community.


Statement from Bishop Bill Wright, Catholic Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle.