New disability services legislation effective today

The Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle and CatholicCare are on board for new disability services legislation which comes into effect from today.


Today Part 3C of the Ombudsman Act comes into effect, providing a new, statutory level of protection for people with a disability. As a key provider of services for the disabled through its agency CatholicCare, the Diocese will be moving immediately to ensure that all of its staff and volunteers are fully aware of this new legislation and trained in their responsibilities under its provisions.


As leader of the Diocese and its agencies, Bishop Wright also bears responsibility for the wellbeing of all the people we support throughout our disability services and wider outreach programs.


The Diocese can confirm that the majority of staff working in the CatholicCare disability services team should be trained in the new legislation, its implications and responsibilities within 48 hours of this legislation coming into effect.


   - Statement from the Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle