Local community shows its faith in numbers over the Christmas season

The local community has come together once again to celebrate the festive season, attending Masses across the Diocese on both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.


Vice Chancellor of Pastoral Ministries, Teresa Brierley said it was not unusual for people to view Christmas Masses as some of the most important in the year:


“As we come together over Christmas, we remember and celebrate Jesus’ birth as a united faith community while taking time to stop and give thanks for our own family, friends and close relationships,”


“In our Diocese, we’ve been pleased to see people coming to Mass and re-connecting with their faith. In what has been a tumultuous year for Australians it’s important for us to provide a refuge from ‘the everyday’ for our communities so that the message of faith, hope and love is remembered and lived.” Mrs Brierley said.


St Michael’s Nelson Bay was exceptionally well attended; with over 1800 people joining to celebrate on both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day Masses. Sacred Heart Cathedral in Hamilton continued as the central point for worship within the diocese, with Bishop Bill Wright and Vicar General, Fr Brian Mascord celebrating Christmas Masses with approximately 2000 parishioners across Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Many families were celebrating with several generations in attendance, seeing the tradition of Christmas Mass and the faith connection of the season carried forward to younger family members.