Priests in the Catholic Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle are involved in a range of pastoral and liturgical ministries. Some are involved in specific ministries of hospital chaplaincy, ministry to Aborigines, adult faith education and counselling. By its nature, the prime ministry of the priesthood is the building of the Kingdom in the context of parish life. Priests do this by proclaiming and preaching the Good News, teaching the Catholic faith, leading the community at worship and ministering the sacraments to God's people.

As with all vocations, a priest's life is lived as an expression of his relationship with God. Each one is called to work in collaboration with God's people, together building the Kingdom of God in this diocese.

The Catholic Church of Maitland-Newcastle needs priests:

  • Men who are open to the call of Jesus to "come and follow"
  • Men who are open to the promptings of the Holy Spirit
  • Men of prayer, striving to grow closer to Christ through God's people
  • Men who are prepared to share the lives, loves, joys and sorrows of God's people
  • Men who can work with their bishop, priests and people to bring about the fullness of God's kingdom in their midst.

Qualities of a Priest


  • Relates well with men and women of all ages and cultures
  • Leads a moral life and is living celibately
  • Is self-motivated and has an ability to live with his own −and others' − weaknesses
  • Is physically, mentally and emotionally healthy
  • Can balance the different aspects of his life.


  • A relationship with God through Jesus
  • A sense of vocation as a baptised member of Christ's faithful
  • Appreciation of the Catholic tradition through participation in the sacraments.


  • Has a passion for proclaiming the "Good News" of Jesus
  • Is actively involved in some form of parish ministry
  • Understands ministry as a collaborative effort
  • Demonstrates leadership.


  • Has completed secondary schooling
  • Has the ability to undertake tertiary studies
  • Is open to the prospect of new learning.

Do you recognise any of these qualities in yourself? Are you interested in having a talk about it?

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