Remaining Faithful

In the Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle, Remaining Faithful is the community formation process for Sunday Celebrations in Anticipation of Eucharist. It provides an opportunity for all members of the community to develop their understanding of the reality of Sundays without eucharist and empower them to make informed choices about how they respond to this pastoral situation.  It is always better for parish communities to engage in the formation before a crisis arises. Remaining Faithful is offered in response to parish requests.

In 2004 all parishes were given a copy of the ritual book Sunday Celebrations of the Word and the Hours.

The diocesan guidelines Sunday Celebrations in Anticipation of Eucharist in the Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle are a necessary resource for parishes. These Guidelines are currently being reviewed. 

The following resources may be of assistance to parishes:

  • The following series of questions that will assist communities in their Pastoral Planning for Sunday Celebrations in Anticipation of Eucharist.
  • This outline of the qualities and skills a community would look for in a Lay Liturgical Leader may assist communities in calling people to this ministry.

For more information please contact:

Louise Gannon rsj (Diocesan Co-ordinator of Liturgy)
Phone (02) 4979 1135