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Who are we?

DARA (Development and Relief Agency) identifies, reaches out and supports those in our community who are disadvantaged, marginalised, oppressed or isolated by cultural, ethnic or religious differences.

DARA provides practical assistance, an opportunity for socialisation and a pathway to integration via access to educational and vocational programmes. 

Our vision

We are committed to an equitable, inclusive and just society where everyone is respected and given an opportunity to their potential irrespective of gender, age, ethnicity, religion or life’s circumstances.

Our mission

We identify, connect with and support those in our community who are disadvantaged, marginalised or oppressed to offer:

  • practical assistance to respond to immediate daily needs
  • socialisation opportunities to reduce the effects of isolation and loneliness
  • a caring, supportive and respectful environment to restore andbuild self-worth
  • access to focussed educational programs providing life, language and self-development skills.

Our values – Compassion, Inclusiveness, Respect, Integrity, Transparency, Empowerment 

Visit DARA's website for more information.