Shelby's brave shave

When Shelby Hammond of Year 6 at St Brigid’s Raymond Terrace witnessed a fellow student being teased because she had lost her hair, she was distressed, as most would be. She then did something that most would not do – she decided to act in a way that would make a difference, and not just to that one student.

Shelby's brave shave

“I could help,” was Shelby’s simple thought, and she has.


With some creative planning and the support of school leadership, “Wacky Wednesday” — “If you can wear it in your hair or on your head, it can be part of Wacky Wednesday!” — kicked off the fundraising efforts, followed by a student disco sponsored by the Parents and Friends. Shelby made bookmarks, charms and trinkets during the school holidays to sell to the school population on Wacky Wednesday, further boosting the fundraising total.


As the culmination of these fun fundraising events, Shelby took the brave step of having her long hair shaved in order to raise awareness of, and funds for, the Make a Wish Foundation and also the needs  of another family in the school community touched by cancer.


Brad Smith and Aaron Tull (Aaron’s daughter Amelia is undergoing chemotherapy) of Raymond Terrace Police also stepped up for the great shave, and principal David Palmer sacrificed his signature moustache for the cause.


Shelby invited assistant principal Jacqui Wilkinson to wield the clippers, and as Jacqui said, “It’s unusual for a young girl to be so aware of others.”


Shelby’s Mum Kerrie watched proudly, with maybe the occasional tear, as her daughter’s locks fell away. Afterwards, Shelby confidently addressed the assembled students and staff, thanking all who had supported her efforts.


“Shelby’s Brave Shave, besides bringing awareness of this serious illness and raising some $3000, is an example of the wonderful spirit we have here at St Brigid’s Parish School. This effort was driven by a very special 11 year-old girl,” said David Palmer.


In a society that places a great deal of emphasis on having the right ‘look’, Shelby Hammond’s current ‘look’ has a lot to recommend it.












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