Sacred Heart Columbarium

What is a columbarium?

The Sacred Heart Columbarium is an arrangement of openings; in a mausoleum or a wall, into which an urn or other worthy vessel containing earthly remains is placed as an enduring memorial to a loved one. The openings are covered with an inscribed plaque that acts as a memorial for the deceased and an attractive, practical alternative to burial in a cemetery.


Located at the rear of the Sacred Heart Cathedral, Hamilton, the Sacred Heart Columbarium is set in a magnificently landscaped, tranquil garden atmosphere and provides an attractive location for grieving, prayer, reflection and meditation.




Why choose a columbarium?

Those who choose a columbarium as a final resting place for a loved one may be influenced by the significance of their loved one:

  • being laid to rest in the grounds of the church that they loved and served in life
  • being near to their church, perpetuating a rewarding and lifelong relationship
  • the religious focus of the church as their final resting place
  • the flexibility offered by cremation in the timing and planning of disposition of remains
  • the simplicity of the liturgy involved in the placement of ashes
  • the proximity and convenience of visits by loved ones and periods of reflection.

From a more practical level,

  • the fee for placement in a columbarium niche is less than interment in a cemetery
  • increasing concerns about environmental effects, space issues and permanency of cemetery burial,
  • the placement of ashes is provided in perpetuity with no time limits
  • and placement allows for flexibility in the planning and timing of disposal ceremonies

How can I secure a niche for myself or my loved ones?

There are a strictly limited number of niches available and reservations can be made for future or immediate use.

A one off payment covers costs of reservation, plaque, placement, and maintenance.

To submit an application or for further information, please contact the Inner City Parish on 4979 1101 or email


Frequently Asked Questions

Who can be placed in the Columbarium?

The Columbarium is intended primarily for parishioners of any parish within the Maitland-Newcastle Diocese, but not exclusively so. Approval can be granted by the Columbarium Committee to admit close family members or people of significance to the Diocese.


I am a Catholic, but my spouse is not – can we both be placed in the Columbarium?

Yes, close family members are permitted to be placed within the Columbarium – this includes spouse, parents, grandparents, siblings, children and grandchildren of the purchaser. However, all funeral services and rites will be in accord with the Roman Catholic practices.


How many may be interred in one niche?

Only one person may be placed in a columbarium niche.

Each family member must be placed in a separately purchased niche.


How do I make my final resting places wishes known to my loved ones?

At time of purchase, you will be issued with a holder’s certificate. We recommend this certificate is stored with your will or documents so that it can be presented to the Committee at the appropriate time.


Are there any limitations on the wording on plaques?

In order to maintain uniformity, consistency and order there is a standard and recommended way to inscribe the plaques. This is to avoid offending visitors to the columbarium and maintain a standard of decorum and reverence.


Can I decorate around my niche any way I choose?

The site is designed to be maintained in a beautiful, serene, holy and edifying manner. Additional floral tributes, flags, statutes or other decoration may not be placed on or near a niche, or any other location in the gardens, without the written approval of the Columbarium Committee.

Unauthorised material will be removed.


More information

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